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Sunday, 05-01-2014
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WNU along with the United Sisterhood facilitated the a joint advocacy action with the Representatives of National Network of Entertainment Workers and CPN+, CCW and individual activists mobilise 50 people to do demonstration in front of EU Office based in Phnom Penh and also Embassy of Republic of India to raise the concerns of the access to affordable generic drugs due to the restrictions of the Intellectual Property Rights on generic drugs under the EU-India Free Trade Agreement. 
The result of the agreement will have negative impacts to majority of people who are living with HIV/AIDS and the poor in the least developing countries relying so much on generic drugs from India’s pharmaceutical companies. Cambodia is one of those countries are depending on ARVs from India. 
Therefore, our concerns and demands over the FTA negotiation must take people’s before profit was put on the joint statement and submitted to EU’ Ambassador and also Indian Ambassador based in Phnom Penh, to make sure that solidarity voice of Cambodia grassroots people will be sent to the two governments. 
EU Ambassador said they will guarantee the right to access to healthcare of people in the developing countries and their FTA negotiation will not affect that, while Indian Embassy promised to our messages will be taken. Before the FTA negotiation, Indian Supreme Court has made the decision in favour of the accessibility of people, rather than the pharmaceutical company under IPRs.

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