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Environment Gender and Globalization (EGG) Workshop 2003
The NGO Forum on Cambodia assisted by the Womyn ’ s Agenda for Change – Oxfam Hong Kong (WAC-OHK) organized a workshop on Environment Gender and Globalization held at the OHK – WAC offices in Phnom Penh. In the first session, some Commune Chiefs from Phnom Penh Municipality and other Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) staff, a total of 15 people participated. Facilitators were staff from NGO Forum and WAC- OHK. The EGG (Environment Gender and Globalisation) workshop was opene d with a summary of the problems facing Cambodia. There are m any problems, especially for the poor people inside this country; in the city and rural areas, that increase poverty day by day. Some peo ple who become indebted, leads to them selling their productive and ma jor assets like their house, land, animals, rice land, etc. Some people still have to migrate to other places to earn income to survive after they lose everything.
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tags : Community-Based Organizing, 2003

SPEAKOUT: Sex Worker Empowerment Project 2003
The Oxfam HK/FHI/Impact Cambodia SpeakOut project is part of the larger Womyn ’ s Agenda for Change Program (WAC) implemented by Oxfam HK. The WAC program seeks to facilitate the development of the women ’ s movement across all sectors in Cambodian society, with a primary focus on women at the grassroots level. The SpeakOut project is implemented in line with the FHI/Impact focus on community develop ment and self- organisation among sex workers. The Oxfam HK WAC program ’ s core objective is to provide a speak out process through which grassroots women can explore and analyse their feelings and insights, articulate their own aspirations as women, and feel able to initiate coll ective mutual support action.
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tags : Community-Based Organizing, 2003

Gender and Trade Workshop report 2003
TParticipants from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, the Phil lipines and Malaysia participated in this workshop in Phnom Penh over June 23-30, coordinated by Womens Agenda for Change/Oxfam Hong Kong Cambodia.
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tags : Community-Based Organizing, 2003